1 CHF pour le climat

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1 CHF for the climate is an initiative for epicureans who wish to indulge themselves at the restaurant while simply fighting against global warming in a direct and indirect way.

With 1 CHF more on the menus of partner restaurants, the association contributes to  

Helping the restaurant owner to source more local products, to support Swiss producers and encourage environmentally friendly agriculture.

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Planting trees in Switzerland to capture CO2, preserve

biodiversity, maintain our

beautiful landscape and

encourage agro-forestry.

Raise awareness about the environmental impact of our food, which represents 28% of the impact of our consumption in Switzerland (ahead of housing 24% and mobility 12%)

1 CHF pour le climat partners with Almighty Tree to plant trees in Switzerland to diversify the forests and farmland with tree species adapted to climate change.



Trees planted in Switzerland

Tons of CO2 will be absorbed

Planting project in Froideville

This project is located in Froideville above Lausanne. In collaboration with the Mèbre-Talent forestry triage, we have planted red oaks and Douglas firs in symbiosis with chestnut, lime and cherry trees (wild cherry). These trees were planted by individuals and eco-responsible companies. This diversity will enrich the biodiversity of this forest. 


Such a project was necessary to replace weakened spruce trees attacked by the bark beetle as well as a part of very old trees which was exploited for construction (interesting to store CO2 in the long term).

Location of this project