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The Almighty Tree Eco-label is intended for companies and individuals who are sensitive to their impact on the environment and who wish to invest in it.


The essence of the label covers various aspects to provide a complete solution to act for the environment. The actions are mainly taken in Switzerland and include forestation, reforestation, full-spectrum biodiversity, and preservation.

Businesses, consumers and individuals want to take care of our environment and care about their carbon footprint.

By balancing their CO2 emissions, companies consider themselves invested in the ecological environment and inspire good values ​​in their institution.

By contributing to the environment, biodiversity and the protection of the planet, the company can highlight the commitment and the good actions taken with these customers.

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Plant trees to

enhance our forests 

We plant trees in Switzerland, North America, Asia and Africa. It absorbs CO2 and helps local communities

Promotion of your commitment   

We create a full communication campaign for you so you can show your commitment to your actual and future customers

Certification and


We provide a monitoring technology demonstrating your impact, the number of trees planted and an Eco-Label is awarded 

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