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fair employment for all

Ecowork is committed to reducing their footprint on a daily basis and plants a tree in Switzerland for every contract signed (fixed or temporary from one month of work). Each collaboration creates a positive impact for our region as well as for the planet.


Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

The plantation projects

1. La Pierre Féline, located in Crans-près-Céligny


The goal was to revitalize a spruce forest reached by the Bostryche. The trees had to be cut down. Ecowork has replanted, with a forestry expert, several species adapted to global warming: White Birch, Tormial Birch, Hornbeam, Linden, Walnut and Pedunculate Oak. This diversification of species enriches this forest and will help it to cope with climate change. 

2. Froideville, Located near Lausanne

The goal was to diversify a spruce forest impacted by the Bark beetle and windstorm. The trees had to be cut down. Ecowork has replanted, with Almighty Tree team and forestry experts of Mèbre-Talent, two species adapted to global warming: Red oaks and Douglas firs.



The Ecowork agency was founded on strong human and environmental values. It values fair employment for all in line with the evolution of the labour market, equality in the world of work and sustainable development in the face of environmental challenges.

Thus, Ecowork's human and environmental ethics shape the way they work as a team and collaborate with their partners. Their corporate governance includes these core values and governs their actions in full awareness of the ultimate impact.



Ecology is at the heart of the company, they strive to limit all paper and consumables use to the strict minimum. Ecowork is committed to promoting the local economy and raising awareness among its entourage (partners, companies, internal employees and temporary staff) in order to reduce the environmental footprint as much as possible.


Temporary and permanent staff delegation company specialising in various professions throughout Switzerland. It guarantees its various partners and candidates a professional quality gateway into the job market. Its mission is to meet the demands and developments of the job market in order to share and contribute to your professional success.

Ecowork SA

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