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Foresting Switzerland par Honda est une campagne inspirante pour promouvoir les voitures électrifiées.

Western Switzerland 

Type of trees planted: Atlas Cedar 

​Location: Gibloux, FR

Altitude: 950 m​

It is is a forest-rich region, where trees are growing from 700 m to 1'200 m. This location affords a magnificent view of the Gruyere Region and the and Alps. This forest consists mainly of spruce, silver fir and beech, which are suffering from climate change. In this project spruce trees have been cut because bark beetle spread quickly. The forest expert decided to innovate and plant cedar trees, which are adapted to climate change and  store CO2 efficiently. The small trees have been planted by the Honda Team and protected with beautiful wooden protection made with spruce trees impacted by the bark beetle.

Estern Switzerland 

Type of trees planted: Black Alder 

​Location: Berikon, AG near Zürich

Altitude: 850m​

The project is located in highly ecological area with interesting tree species diversification and great habitats for flora and fauna.

After cutting trees affected by climate change, black alders have been planted. They have toothed leaves, black bark and great medicinal benefit. In this region particularly wet, this type of tree is growing very well and contributes to the amazing ecosystem developed over there. The area links linking the Berner Alps and the Jura. Deer are migrating throughout these forests, so the trees have been well-protected. 

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