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Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

tree planting projects



This project is located in Crans-près-Céligny in the canton of Vaud.
This forest is exposed to droughts and climate change, which has weakened the spruce trees in the area. They were planted many years ago in monoculture. As a result, the spruce trees affected by the bark beetle had to be cut down, leaving a hole behind. Oaks, chestnuts and walnuts have been planted to diversify this beautiful forest.



In collaboration with the biologist, Sylvie Viollier, tall fruit trees and hedges were planted to enrich the vineyard of the Domaine de Verex. These trees will bring a beautiful biodiversity and many animals, such as insects, birds and small mammals. These animals will find shelter and food. All planted trees will produce edible fruits and berries. These trees will also store CO2 and will be beneficial for the environment. 

Tree species for living edges: Field Maple, Common Hornbeam, Field Elm, Chestnut, Sorb, Cherry, Wild Pear, Wild Apple, Sessile Oak, Small-leaved, Linden, Large-leaved Linden, Saskatoon, Cornelian Cherry, Common Hazel, Common Privet, Myrobalan, Squeeze, Wild Plum, Schwadernau Plum, Blackthorn, Mahaleb Cherry, Rosebush, Welded Style, Rose, Dog Rose, Gooseberry, Basket Willow, Red Currant, Wild Red Currant, Wild Raspberry, Black Elderberry.

Tree species for high-stemmed fruit trees: Apple trees, Pear trees, Cherry trees, Mulberry trees, Quince trees, Nefliers, Peach trees, Mirabelle, Plums trees, Apricot trees, Chestnut trees, Walnut trees

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