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Swiss Scan is a new application that makes it possible to know the place of manufacture of food products as well as their nutritional qualities.

This is the very first application that allows you to identify local Swiss brands and products. It is managed by our firm which is particularly interested in the protection of our local producers but also in consumer safety. It therefore guarantees you 100% safe and controlled information. You will be able to make your purchases without being influenced by misleading information on product labels.


In addition to the place of manufacture of the product, the Swiss Scan application will give you its nutritional qualities. It is easy to use, you just have to scan the barcode of the product with your phone. The information you will find will be clear and synthetic.


Swiss Scan is a completely free application. So use it at will to buy products that are really made by our local producers! 


By buying local products, you contribute to the Swiss economy. Our local producers will therefore be grateful to you. Moreover, buying a local product is not only a social gesture but also an ecological gesture because the product has not travelled thousands of kilometres to land in your basket. Its carbon footprint is therefore reduced.


So have fun scanning all the products in your basket, your closets and even those of your friends! By using the Swiss Scan application, you are making a gesture for your country, for your health and for the planet!

Swiss Scan

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