Atelier du verger

Atelier du verger est une menuiserie ébénisterie fribourgeoise proposant un travail artisanal et local



Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

Trees planted in an alpine pasture in Fribourg and in Ecuvillens, at farmers of the region

La Brunisholszena

Altitude 1500m

Type of trees planted:

Mountain maple, Larch, White fir and Spruce tree


Mountain forest. It is a habitat for flora and fauna, a protection against avalanches, rock falls or erosion and it is a "green lung". A mountain pasture where cows appreciate the shade provided by trees and protection during storms, the trees help to form a natural barrier. Thus, cows can take refuge in the forest without injuring themselves or breaking artificial barriers.


Altitude 750m

Type of trees planted:

Walnut, Oak, Chestnut, Cherry, Linden


This project is located in Ecuvillens, on the edge of the forest of Cornard. A spruce plantation affected by Bostryche has been cut. Thus, this breach at the edge of the forest has been favourable to the planting of several species interesting for biodiversity with a good growth potential in the coming years. It is a place with beautiful sun exposure.

Atelier du Verger

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