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Our philosophy

Passionate About our Forests, Ecosystem and  Mother Earth

Almightytree, a social enterprise, gives power to our nature while empowering entrepreneurs and companies to continuously grow their business responsively. 


Driven by the beauty of our planet, we strongly focus on designing a sustainable future and on improving the social, economic and environmental well being of our communities.

OUr  mission

Our mission is to create a cleaner environment and a better ecosystem on earth. Therefore, we plant trees around the world. To do so, we help eco-friendly businesses in Switzerland, which would like to build a better world while running their companies and fulfilling their vision. Additionally, we provide a marketing toolbox to promote their good actions. Thus, we fulfill both organizations' mission by reducing CO2 emissions to improve our environment and create a sustainable future. We inspire to:


  • Raise awareness and take action for forests in Switzerland and abroad

  • Sensibiltize people and companies about their carbon footprint and act to reduce it as well as compensate it by making a gesture for the environment
  • Act by devoting resources to preserve and restore forests in Switzerland and abroad, because the forest is the best solution to meet the main global challenges for a sustainable future regarding climate change and the erosion of biodiversity
Almighty Team

Aline Suard

Operations, individuals, plantations and wellbeing

Fascinated by nature and feeling connected to it, Aline aspires to the well-being and protection of our mother earth


Gilles Suard

Strategy, partnerships, plantations and environment

Passionate about trees and the environment, Gilles' ambition is to create a positive impact through collaborations between society and nature.

projects 2021

Wemakeit project

2'020 trees in 2020

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