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Canopée Gin

A family Gin inspired by the forest

almighty tree & Canopée gin

Almighty Tree partners with Canopy Gin to preserve, protect and enhance the value of forests in Switzerland. Karen and Sarah, the founders of this particular Gin, are planting trees in Switzerland to diversify the forests with species adapted to climate change and to boost biodiversity.


Juniper is honored as an essential element in the creation of such a beverage with these "all-powerful" berries. Thus, Canopée plants junipers in Switzerland to enrich biodiversity and constitute natural hedges that will serve as food, lodging, pantry and shelter for countless animals. And in some time, these berries will be able to flavor our Gin with a touch of sunshine and Swiss terroir. 


Canopée is girls who make gin

Two greedy cousins, gone to Tanzania. During this trip they visit a spice farm and discover the plants from which many known spices come (cinnamon tree, nutmeg tree, pepper tree). Everything makes you want to taste, ...even biting into a turmeric root and imagining yourself keeping your yellow teeth for life. 


Back in Switzerland, they wanted to fix these perfumes, to play with these flavors. Hours spent testing weddings, hunting for juniper berries, understanding the techniques of extraction and maceration; smelling, tasting and starting over, over and over again. Because yes it's part of the game! Distillation is an empirical process, a magical world where 2+2 does not make 4. 


And now, who is producing this gin recipe on a larger scale? This is Martin from the Belmont distillery. Martin he has a lot of experience, he loves this product, he is curious and above all he distils superbly well! We'll keep it short, but you'll have understood the essential, this gin has quite a history and we're proud to finally be able to share it.



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