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CARTLY® is a web application that allows companies and individuals to create virtual business cards.

CARTLY® works in a simple way. Share your digital business card with anyone, on any device. Provide a simple way to quickly and accurately record contact information directly into the recipient's address book with a simple tap.


Standard business cards are frozen in time. They are a consumable product offering little flexibility and above all, they are not durable. CARTLY® allows you to transform your ordinary business card into an interactive business card, accessible via smartphone, tablet and PC.



Cartly's vision is to provide an easy-to-use product that adds value to its users by enabling them to make meaningful connections, right from the palm of their hand. At the same time Cartly has always been concerned about the environment.


Cartly uses 100% renewable electricity and has an energy efficiency ratio (PUE) of less than 1.1, the most environmentally friendly in Switzerland. The PUE was the most important factor when choosing the data center that would host their service. It is a choice that has a great impact in the long term. 


Cartly is committed to planting 5 trees every month to reinforce their commitment to offering a sustainable alternative to paper business cards. 


Trees planted

in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

tree planting project

This project is located in Gollion in the canton of Vaud.


This magnificent forest of Gollion is a source of delight for the inhabitants of the surrounding area. This forest is exposed to bark beetle and drought and needs support for the rejuvenation of the species. Cartly has participated in the creation of this forest of the future by planting oak trees. A resistant and interesting species for the future that will bring a beautiful biodiversity.


The oak is a large tree from the temperate northern hemisphere with hollow bark, gnarled branches, lobed leaves and fruit (acorns) housed in a cup. 

The roots of the oak are deep and taproot.

It provides a habitat or food source for many species, from fungi to birds to insects. People value its wood for its aesthetic qualities and durability. 


Inexhaustible source of strength and generosity. Symbol of majesty and magnet of lightning, it is the sacred tree of most traditions.