Eco label

The Almightytree label is intended for companies and individuals who are sensitive to their impact on the environment and who wish to invest in it.

Businesses, consumers and individuals want to take care of our environment and care about their carbon footprint.

By balancing their CO2 emissions, companies consider themselves invested in the ecological environment and inspire good values ​​in their institution.

By contributing to the environment, biodiversity and the protection of the planet, the company can highlight the commitment and the good actions taken with these customers.

Why planting trees?​



Forests promote biodiversity by providing shelter and food for many species of insects, birds and mammals, they are sources of moisture for mushrooms.

The disappearance of a single species in the wild can create a real dysfunction.


They provide ecological and biological services, provide wood, absorb water and redistribute it during dry periods. They temper the climate and store CO2.


The richness of the forests is the source of the living being.


Trees purify the air, through their leaves and bark, they suck harmful pollutants and release oxygen for us to breathe.


They play an important role in water recovery. Their root systems act as filters; eliminate pollutants and slow down the absorption of water.

This process reduces the risk of natural disasters.


Trees provide wood to build houses or shelters and food such as fruit or nuts.

They help communities by providing jobs.

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