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Désormière & Vanhalst 
immobilier - Genève


The real estate agency DESORMIERE & VANHALST, concerned about preserving the environment in which we live, undertakes to plant 2 trees, in Switzerland, for each sale carried out by their care. 


They are very attached to trees. This can be seen immediately in their logo, which has two trees. An elm for Adrien Désormière, and an alder for Sandra Vanhalst (which makes sense if you look at the etymology of their family names). 


Their activity is centered on the search for housing. Helping their clients put down roots is important. That's why they chose to plant trees in Switzerland to have an impact on the climate, biodiversity and the local community. 


Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

tree planting projects

Forest Bois de Châtillon, Bernex, GE

Altitude: 380m​

Type of trees planted: Oaks

These trees were planted at the edge of the forest near a forest shelter, a forest composed mainly of oaks. It is a natural reserve that welcomes many walkers and animals. A living hedge has been created with a nice diversity of species, which will be beneficial for biodiversity. This hedge will serve as food and shelter for many animals. 

Forest Bois de Banc, Cartigny, GE

Altitude: 430m​

Type of trees planted: Oaks

This project is located in the middle of the Cartigny vineyard in the canton of Geneva. This spruce forest has been affected by climate change. The trees weakened by drought were affected by the bark beetle, a small beetle that spread easily in this monoculture tree plantation. The spruce trees dried out and had to be cut down. This problem is typically linked to climate change.
Oaks have been planted on this plot, a resistant and interesting species, which will revitalise the forest and bring diversity.

Oak tree is a large tree of the northern temperate hemisphere, with hollow bark, gnarled branches, lobed leaves and fruits (acorns) housed in a cup. 

The oak tree symbolizes strength, power and generosity. It has shared our lives since the dawn of time and has naturally come to signify longevity.

Bois des Loges, Trélex, VD


Altitude : 505m

Type of trees planted : maples, Douglas, wild cherry trees

This project is located in Trélex in the canton of Vaud. The forest has been affected by bark beetle, and the already weakened spruces had to be cut down. These problems are typically linked to climate change. These species, which are resistant and interesting for the future, are intended to enrich the forest and bring biodiversity.

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