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Post Real Estate

Professionals of the real estate of the post office, Post Real Estate ensures the management of a portfolio comprising more than 2000 objects on the whole territory, including the whole of the Facility Management.

Post Real Estate, conscious of the environment, has decided to replace the sending of end of year greeting cards by a symbolic gesture for nature, the planting of trees. 

With the initiative "casa verde", the real estate post office is committed to sustainability by undertaking many actions.  


These include replacing fossil fuel heaters, modernizing buildings in terms of energy efficiency, increasing energy efficiency in the company and installing new photovoltaic installations and charging infrastructure for the Post's vehicle fleet.


Trees planted

in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

Planting projects

Fribourg, Bois de Moncor

The project is located in Villars-sur-Glâne in the canton of Fribourg. This beautiful forest, which is very popular with walkers, is located in an ecological zone and contains many habitats for fauna and flora. Trees weakened by drought, wind and bark beetle had to be felled. In order to diversify this forest, 150 oak trees were planted. These species will bring a beautiful biodiversity. 


Schüpfen, Bern

This project is located near the highway in Schüpfen. The aging spruce trees were affected by the drought and the wind. More resistant tree specie has taken root, the almighty oak tree, which has deeper roots access water and stay rooted in case of strong wind.


Froideville, Vaud

On the heights of Lausanne, a plot of forest affected by climate change has been adapted with new tree species. The spruce trees have to be cut down because of the bark beetle. Thus, oaks and Douglas trees were planted and will bring diversity. 


Morgins, Valais

On the heights of Morgins, at an altitude of 1600 meters, spruces weakened by climate change were replaced by Douglas and maples. These species adapted to this region will enrich this magnificent mountain forest. 


Oberwil, Aargau

The project is located in a highly ecological area with many habitats for flora and fauna.Trees weakened by droughts and bark beetle were replaced by oak trees.

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