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Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

tree planting project

Satigny, GE

This project is located in Satigny, in the canton of Geneva.

This large and beautiful forest with many old trees. However, the trees already weakened by climate change started to dry and had to be cut down. FNAC helped rejuvenate this forest for the future by planting oak trees. This is a resistant and interesting species for the future, especially with its taproots that seek water deep down. 

The oak is a large tree from the northern temperate hemisphere with hollow bark, gnarled branches, lobed leaves and fruits (acorns) lodged in a cup. 

The roots of the oak are deep and taproot.

It serves as a habitat or food source for many species, from mushrooms to birds and insects. People appreciate its wood for its aesthetic qualities and its durability. 

Inexhaustible source of strength and generosity. A symbol of majesty and a magnet for lightning, it is the sacred tree in many traditions.

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