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The Garage Chevalley is committed to promote the switch to green energy throughout the automobile industry. They care about planet earth and are doing a local gesture by planting trees in their region


Trees planted


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

The plantation project in Mézière

These trees were planted by Chevalley Automobiles, Almighty Tree and the forestry experts of the Jorat-Mézières commune. 


This project is located in Jorat, a region affected by repeated droughts and the bostryche attacking weakened spruce trees. 

On this plot, spruce trees affected by the bostryche had to be felled. We have replanted species adapted to climate change and resistant to droughts such as larch, lime and hornbeam. 

Yvan and his son Romain Chevalley have planted Larch trees, which are originally from the Alps and flourish on the heights. It likes to have its feet in the cool and its head in the sun. Larch differs from other conifers by its very fine needles arranged in tufts. It is, of all the coniferous species, the one that surprises the most by its changes. In spring, the delicate green needles appear to turn golden-yellow in autumn and fall in November. In its ecosystem, the larch plays a very important role: it grows on poor soils which it helps to enrich. When its thorns fall, they cover the ground with a thick carpet of dead needles that keeps it cool and stores rainwater. 

Like all conifers, larch is a symbol of immortality. It is the only conifer to lose its needles in autumn, considered a symbol of a new beginning.

Y & E Chevalley Automobiles

Y&E Chevalley Automobiles is 60 years at your service. 


Representing the Honda brand for more than 42 years, as well as the Isuzu brand for the past few years, the garage also becomes a Fiat and Jeep® agent for the Riviera. A young and dynamic team, as well as new products. Everything is gathered to serve you at best.


Chevalley Automobiles has the brands Fiat, Jeep®, Honda and Isuzu within its infrastructures. From Vevey to Montreux via Châtel-St-Denis, our team has always made it a point of honor to serve its customers with heart. Whether you are looking for a new, used, city, off-road, utility or electric car, we have a product that could suit you.


Chevalley Automobiles is a family garage, attached to the Riviera which wishes to be able to provide you with quality services and a relationship of trust.

Y&E Chevalley Automobiles SA




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