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Celebration of the 30 years of the HEG-FR by planting trees


Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

The School of Management Fribourg partners with Almighty Tree to preserve, protect and enhance the value of forests in Switzerland. The HEG-FR plants trees in Switzerland to diversify the forests with species adapted to climate change.

To celebrate their 30 years anniversary, HEG-FR wanted to do something meaningful, symbolic, sustainable and good for the environment. Thus, planting trees was the perfect fit! Planting these young trees in the Swiss forests contributes to sustainable forest management, greater biodiversity and carbon sink creation. The trees were planted this fall 2021 in the "bois de la Faye" in a Fribourg with the collaborators from the school. 
tree planting project

Bois de la Faye, Granges-Paccot, FR

Altitude: 700m​

Type of trees planted: Maples, larches and wild cherry trees

This forest has been impacted by climate change, droughts and windstorms. The spruce trees were affected by the bark beetle and had to be cut down. The hole left behind and exposed to the sun would have been filled with brambles, which stop young trees from easily growing. Thus, we planted larches and maples trees to diversify the forest and enhance its biodiversity. 

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