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Foresting Switzerland by Honda is an inspiring campaign to promote the electrified cars

Every test drive contribute to creating the forests of the future in Switzerland 

Test-drive the electrified cars 

by Honda

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Plant trees in Switzerland to capture CO2 and preserve biodiversity

Contribute to creating a

sustainable future 

Honda partners with Almighty Tree to plant trees in Switzerland to diversify the forests with tree species adapted to climate change.


Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed

tree tracker

You received a certificate after purchasing a Honda car? Click here to follow your tree

tree planting projects

Foresting Switzerland by Honda contributed to plant 4250 trees all around Switzerland in different regions affected by climate change:


The project is located in a highly ecological area with many habitats for flora and fauna.Trees weakened by droughts and bark beetle were replaced by black alders, oaks, Douglas and fruit trees.


Special biodiversity boost project to reforest farmer's land by planting a living hedge with 15 tree species such as linden, hornbeam, viburnum, white mulberry, oak, dog-rose, pear, apple, plum, cherry trees.

Forest affected by bark beetle, the weakened spruces had to be cut down. Several adapted species such as oak, linden, maple, Douglas and wild cherry have been planted. These species will provide diversity. 


The forest overlooking the city of Neuchâtel is affected by repetitive droughts and needs support for the rejuvenation of the oaks. Honda contributes to create the forest of the future by planting small oak trees.


In the southern part of the canton, the forests must adapt with a diversification of tree species. The focus is on biodiversity by planting oak, black ash, wild pear, wild apple, medlar, wild maple and walnut.


This project is located near Bern in 900 m altitude where spruce trees were affected by bark beetle and windstorm. The plantation of Sycamore maples will bring a nice diversity with deciduous trees.


This is an innovative project on a beautiful wooded hill, which was impacted by wind storms. The spruces have been replaced by cedars, which is a species adapted to the forest station and to climate change.


This purpose of this project was to create a forest protection against avalanches. The trees such as sycamore maples, white firs and larches will bring diversity and are adapted to the conditions at 1700 m.

More info on the official Honda website
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