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Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

Les Régisseurs partners with Almighty Tree to preserve, protect and enhance the value of forests in Switzerland. swisspor plants trees in Switzerland to diversify the forests with species adapted to climate change.

Les Régisseurs cares about their footprint and would like to do something good for our nature. It makes sense for them, as part of their philosophy, to raise awareness amongst their employees and clients.
tree planting project



Located in the middel of the vineyard of Cartigny, this forest of spruce trees was affected by climate change. The trees were weakened and the bark beetle spread easily into this planted trees in monoculture. Changes needed to by done as the spruce do not have its place in this area anymore. With the help of Les Régisseurs, we planted oaks, which are more suitable to adapt with climate change. 

Sessile oak is a large tree of the northern temperate hemisphere, with hollow bark, gnarled branches, lobed leaves and fruits (acorns) housed in a cup. 

The oak tree symbolizes strength and power but also generosity. It has shared our lives since the dawn of time and has naturally come to signify longevity

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