NewCo is an innovative company accompanying many entrepreneurs in the creation of their company. Fast, easy and green. 

NewCo partners with Almighty Tree to preserve, protect and enhance the value of forests in Switzerland. NewCo plants trees in Switzerland to diversify the forests with species adapted to climate change.

NewCo really care about the environment and would like to do something good for our nature. Thus, it make sense for them, as part of their green projects, to plant young trees in the Swiss forests for sustainable wood management, greater biodiversity and carbon sink creation. The trees were planted this spring 2021 in Froideville, VD and in Unterlunkhofen, AG in fall 2021.
NewCo allocates a monthly budget to plant more and more trees


Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

Planting projects

Froideville, VD
This project is located in Froideville above Lausanne. In collaboration with the Mèbre-Talent forestry triage, we have planted red oaks and Douglas firs in symbiosis with chestnut, lime and cherry trees (wild cherry). These trees were planted by individuals and eco-responsible companies. This diversity will enrich the biodiversity of this forest. 


Such a project was necessary to replace weakened spruce trees attacked by the bark beetle as well as a part of very old trees which was exploited for construction (interesting to store CO2 in the long term).

Location of this project

Unterlunkhofen, AG

This project is located in Aargau near Zurich. In collaboration with the foresters of Forstbetrieb Mutschellen, NEWCO and Almighty Tree Team have planted oaks. 


The project is located in a highly ecological area with an interesting diversification of tree species and many habitats for flora and fauna. In this area, spruce trees, which were affected by bark beetle had to be replaced by oak and Douglas fir, tree species more resistant to climate change.

Location of this project