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NIKIN Tree Planting Day
Almighty Tree 


Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

NIKIN collaborates with Almighty Tree to plant trees in western Switzerland. NIKIN already planted more than 2'000'000 trees all around the world and celebrated with Tree Planting Days in Switzerland including their community. Such inspiring actions help raising awareness amongst their customers by bringing them closer to nature. It also contributes to preserve, protect and enhance the value of Swiss forests.

On 20 November 2021 in Montpreveyres and on 25 March 2023 in Assens in the canton of Vaud, NIKIN and its community of tree planters got together to plant trees.

On these two projects, more than 80 people participated in the planting of 475 trees on these two beautiful days.

tree planting project

Forest of Ban, Montpreveyres, VD

Altitude: 900m​

Type of trees planted: Larches and linden

This forest has been impacted by climate change, droughts and windstorms. The spruce trees were affected by the bark beetle and had to be cut down. The hole left behind and exposed to the sun would have been filled with brambles, which stop young trees from easily growing. Thus, we planted larches and linden trees to diversify the forest and enhance its biodiversity. 

Assens, VD

Altitude: 650m​

Type of trees planted: Oak, Walnut, Maple, Linden, Chestnut, Cherry, Hornbeam

This forest was impacted by the bark beetle and the weakened spruces had to be cut down. To enrich and diversify this parcel, numerous species have been planted. These species will bring a beautiful biodiversity. 

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