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The payment method to reduce greenhouse gases and combat global warming

PayGreen’s vision is to become a payment option by  implementing ecological system, flexible and fast structures and working together with ecological partners

PayGreen partners with Almighty Tree to preserve, protect and enhance the value of forests in Switzerland. PayGreen plants trees in Switzerland to diversify the forests with species adapted to climate change



Trees planted in Switzerland

Tons of CO2 will be absorbed

Tree planting project in Berikon, AG

The project is located in a highly ecological area with an interesting diversification of tree species and habitats for flora and fauna.

After cutting down the trees affected by climate change, oak trees were planted. In this particularly humid region, this type of tree grows very well and contributes to the ecosystem developed there. The region connects the Alps and the Jura. Deer migrate into these forests, so the trees were well protected with a 2 m high protection made of Swiss wood. The planting was done by PayGreen team and the Almighty Tree team in collaboration with the foresters, Christoph (Forstbetrieb Mutschellen) and Linus (Wald Focus)

Type of tree: 

European Oak (Quercus robur) can reach up to 45 m high for a trunk diameter of 2 meters. It is can live from 500 to 1 000 years. Its bark has vertical ridges, the grooves are not too deep but are continuous, which allows the rainwater to be brought to the ground.

The oak tree symbolizes strength and power but also generosity. It has been part of our lives since the dawn of time and has naturally come to mean longevity

Location of the project

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