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La cuisine des grands pour les tout petits

Petit'Helvet is an eco-friendly concept focus on providing the best local and healthy food to kids. 
Petit'Helvet collaborates with Almighty Tree and plants trees in Switzerland to diversify our forests with species adapted to global warming and to support Swiss agriculture.


Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

The plantation project at La Pierre Féline, located in Crans-près-Céligny.


The goal was to revitalize a spruce forest reached by the Bostryche. The trees had to be cut down. Ecowork has replanted, with a forestry expert, several species adapted to global warming: White Birch, Tormial Birch, Hornbeam, Linden, Walnut and Pedunculate Oak. This diversification of species enriches this forest and will help it to cope with climate change.



The story  

Conscious parents! Our story is the story of all parents. A happy event and the discovery of a new world (stroller, cozy, clothing, bottle, nursery, food, etc.) hitherto unknown, something to get lost in.

Supermarket shopping carts are getting bigger but no longer look the same. It has become a real treasure hunt to know the origin of the products or the composition of the meals without forgetting the nutritional quality.

To preserve our children's health, we have decided to cook ourselves and choose quality fruits and vegetables thanks to a partnership with local farmers.

For the supermarkets we have created a mobile application that will make life easier for parents during their shopping.

The cuisine

A chef from Switzerland's top palaces uses his stoves and all his talent to cook fabulously good and varied dishes for your toddlers. 

Each meal is made with fresh, organic and Swiss agricultural produce to guarantee a healthy and high quality diet.

Thanks to the Swiss Green Fork label and the advice of a specialized nutritionist for children all our meals are balanced and guarantee the necessary nutritional intake for your children. 

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