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Bracelet Tree of life - 1 tree planted in Switzerland

Bracelet Tree of life - 1 tree planted in Switzerland

This handcrafted bracelet is made in collaboration with Wooper, a Swiss craft designer based in Valais.


A tree will be planted in Switzerland in collaboration with the local forest experts. We guarantee that the tree essence will be well-selected by our expert according to the biodiversity of the region.


The tree of life is an important symbol in almost all religions. The Tree of Life symbolizes many things, including wisdom, protection, strength, generosity, beauty and redemption. With its roots firmly planted underground and its branches pointing to the sky, it symbolizes the link between the earthly world and the beyond.The Tree of Life is a good luck charm often offered to our loved ones as protection. It symbolizes strength, wisdom and longevity.The central principle of the Tree of Life means that all life on Earth is interconnected. A forest is made up of many individual trees; the branches of each tree unite and combine their life force to shelter thousands of different species of flora and fauna.


This bracelet is designed and then made from Swiss beech wood carefully selected in a local joinery and its cord is made from recycled PET.


  • FSC Swiss Beech wood from a local joinery.
  • Entirely imagined, manufactured and assembled by hand in Switzerland.
  • Recycled PET cord. Pleasant to wear and does not fray.
  • Use the bracelet to diffuse your favorite essential oil. 
  • Hardwood is water resistant but it is recommended to avoid prolonged contact.
  • Adjustable with sliding knots.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.
  • Sequestration of 5g of CO2 on your wrist and 260kg during the life of the tree you are helping to plant.


In Switzerland we plant trees two times per year, in spring and in fall, then you will receive the exact location of your tree. 







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