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Planting project with

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Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

Trees planted in a Fribourger Alpine pasture 

La Brunisholszena

Altitude 1500m

Type of trees planted:

Mountain maple, Larch, White fir and Spruce tree


Mountain forest. It is a habitat for flora and fauna, a protection against avalanches, rock falls or erosion and it is a "green lung".

A mountain pasture where cows appreciate the shade provided by trees and protection during storms, the trees help to form a natural barrier. Thus, cows can take refuge in the forest without injuring themselves or breaking artificial barriers. 

Planting day

Banque Raiffeisen Région Marly-Cousimbert

Route de Montena 1

1728 Rossens FR

Tél. +41 26 413 96 00

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