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Trees planted in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

Réseau Delta celebrates its 30 years birthday by planting trees for each member of the network. A symbolic and beneficial gesture for the environment and the Swiss biodiversity. Réseau Delta partners with Almighty Tree to preserve, protect and enhance the value of forests in Switzerland. Réseau Delta plants trees in Switzerland to diversify the forests with species adapted to climate change.

Réseau Delta cares about their footprint and would like to do something good for our nature. It makes sense for them, as part of their philosophy, to plants young trees in the Swiss forests for sustainable wood management, greater biodiversity and carbon sink creation.
tree planting projects



This large and beautiful forest has many old trees. However, the trees already weakened by climate change started to dry out and had to be cut down. Réseau Delta has contributed to rejuvenate this forest for the future by planting oaks. It is a resistant and interesting species for the future, especially with its pivotal roots that seek water in depth. 



This forest had to be adapted as there were only spruces trees planted in monoculture. Because of the warmer weather, the spruces were weakened and attacked by the bark beetle. Thus, we have planted larches, a tree specie more resistant and adapted to the climat of tomorrow. 



This project is located in a region affected by repeated droughts, windstorms and the bark beetle that attacks weakened spruce trees. On this plot, the adaptation of the forest is strategic for the forestry service and the commune of Féchy. The idea is therefore to plant species adapted to climate change such as oaks, wild cherry trees and hornbeams.


This project is located in a beautiful forest on top of Féchy. This forest was affected by the bark beetle and the drought. The spruces, already weakened, had to be cut down. Therefore,we planted oak trees, which are more resistant to droughts dur to their taproots.



This beautiful project is located in Crans-près-Céligny in the canton of Vaud. Walnut, linden and cherry trees were planted to enrich the forest. These species will bring diversity and be beneficial for biodiversity.


This project is located in Froideville, above Lausanne. We planted red oaks and Douglas firs in symbiosis with chestnut, lime and cherry trees. These trees were planted by eco-responsible individuals and companies. This diversity will enrich the forest's biodiversity.


This project is located in Bassins in the canton of Vaud. In collaboration with the local forestry expert, we planted flat maple, linden, wild pear, alisier torminal and corm tree. On this project, ash trees affected by chalarosis (a fungus that causes ash dieback) had to be felled. New species were planted to bring diversity and biodiversity and create the forest of tomorrow.



This project aim to adapt a part of a forest, which was mainly sheltering spruce trees. Unfortunatela, the spruce trees were weakened by climate change and got attacked by bark beetle. Dried in a few weeks, they were cut down and replaced by Douglas trees, Wild Cherry trees and Maples which are already present in this area and well-adapted to warmer climate. 


This project is located in the canton of Fribourg in Villaz-Saint-Pierre. This forest was affected by bark beetle and wind, and the already weakened spruces had to be cut down. On this project, Douglas fir was planted. This species, resistant and interesting for the future, aims to enrich this forest.


This forest is located in the canton of Fribourg at Cutterwill. The spruce trees had to be cut down after the bark beetle attacked them. To adapt the forest and bring biodiversity and diversity to it, maples were planted.


In collaboration with Forêts Glâne-Farzin ranger, we planted oaks and hornbeams. On this project, spruces weakened by climate change were ravaged by bark beetle. It was a spruce monoculture. That's why it's interesting to replant a variety of more resistant species to create the forest of tomorrow.



The goal of this project is the creation of a new protection forest against avalanches and rock falls. This forest will protect the village, its inhabitants and also have an effect on erosion. swisspor participated in the creation of this forest of the future by planting white fir trees, sycamore maples and Douglas fir trees. These species, resistant and interesting for the future, will bring biodiversity and protection to this region.

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