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Sustainable Kids Goods
100% wooden games for kids with unlimited possibilities to play
VESA collaborate with Almighty Tree to enhances Swiss forests by diversifying them with species adapted to climate change and to support Swiss agriculture. VESA is committed to using Swiss resources and contributing to biodiversity in Switzerland 

VESA is a Swiss start-up with a non-gendered name meaning "young sprout" in Finnish. Their ambition is to promote sustainable and ethical values by developing responsible products. The aim is to inspire moments of sharing. These 100% wooden games with unlimited possibilities to play are designed in an enthusiastic, empathetic and timeless spirit. They enable children from 18 months on to develop their skills while having fun.

All wooden VESA games are produced at the Bellechasse prison in the canton of Fribourg. As a medium-sized correctional facility, the inmates engage in productive activities in the fields of agriculture, building trades, and stewardship. These workshops regularly lead to recognised and sometimes certified education. Through this partnership, we aim to promote the work carried out by the inmates in order to support them in their professional and private reintegration.

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