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Videodesign are experts in video marketing.

They help companies communicate their ideas, increase sales and communicate more effectively, all through video. 

For each video that videodesign creates, they plant a tree in Switzerland. Their goal is to make the world greener little by little.


Their efforts for more sustainability don't stop there. They manage their daily resources in a sustainable way, they act in an innovative way and rely on fair working conditions.


Trees planted

in Switzerland


Tons of CO2 will be absorbed in average

Tree planting project

This inspiring project is located in Morgins in the canton of Valais at an altitude of 1'700 meters. 

The goal is the creation of a new avalanche protection forest. This forest will protect the village and its inhabitants and will also have an effect on erosion. participated in the creation of this forest of the future by planting white fir trees, sycamore maples and Douglas firs. These species, resistant and interesting for the future, will bring biodiversity and protection to this region.

The white fir is one of the largest trees in Europe. Its massive and resistant trunk and its deep roots protect against landslides, rock falls and avalanches.

Its wood is also highly valued and serves as a source of food and habitat for many forest inhabitants.

The white fir tree symbolizes a bridge between heaven and earth. 


A majestic tree, the sycamore maple is the giant of maples. It is part of the Sapindaceae family. 

It is a tree that tolerates low temperatures and atmospheric pollution. It adapts easily to different ecosystems but naturally seeks out rich, moist soil. 

The sycamore is generous in fruit and as such, it symbolizes fertility, independence and transformation.

The Douglas fir is a giant tree, capable of growing up to 100 meters in its country of origin, the United States, and in Europe, up to 50 meters high. The Douglas fir is a species of conifer of the Pinaceae family that grows rapidly and can reach very large dimensions, and its wood has very good technical qualities. 

Its soft, supple needles are a beautiful blue-green and give off a lemony scent when rubbed.

Douglas fir symbolizes strength and durability. 

Tree tracker

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