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plantING trees

our concept

Calculate your carbon footprint using the Almightytree calculator

Renew our forests, maintain biodiversity and help local communities

Make a gesture for the planet and decide to plant trees

We take care of planting trees in Switzerland and in the world

Trees absorb CO2 and contribute to a climate balance

We plant trees responsibly, taking care of all plantation costs including protection, maintenance and monitoring

We provide a technology to monitor your tree, virtually visit  it, measure and share the impact 

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Trees planted around the world

Trees planted in Switzerland

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Passionate About our Forest, Ecosystem, and Mother Earth

Driven by the beauty of our planet, Aline and  Gilles strongly focus on designing a sustainable future and on improving the social, economic and environmental well being of our communities. Our main focus is on enhancing our wooded heritage, and developing our forests and biodiversity in Switzerland.

Trees are our almighty ressource. They are magical and intelligent, offering all their power to harmonise our nature on earth and impact our well-being in many ways. A tree has its character to participate in biodiversity as well as its symbolic and healing role for us.   


Our mission is to act against climate change, create a cleaner environment and raise awareness of the carbon emissions responsibility from Swiss SMEs and the population. Therefore, we plant trees in Switzerland and abroad. We believe that transparency and tracking are very important when planting trees to measure the real impact and create a sustainable future.

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our mission
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CSR Strategy

Incorporate sustainability 

Plant trees

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Almighty tree 

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« Since the foundation of our company, we have been working with Almighty Tree. The sustainable idea and the commitment to the environment has convinced us.

The cooperation is always friendly and professional. We can highly recommend Almighty Tree to anyone who wants to give something back to nature in Switzerland. »


Groupe Grisoni SA

« On the occasion of our 75th anniversary, we wanted to offer all our staff, partners and customers a special gift, a gift that will last for a long time with a strong message: commitment. Thus, 1946 trees symbolising the year the company was founded were planted last year in French-speaking Switzerland. We appreciated the excellent collaboration with the Almighty Tree team and their presence at our various events. »


Sécheron SA

« A big thank you to Almighty Tree for their knowledge and good spirit during our

Team Building.

Thanks to their support, it was a great experience and a beautiful moment of sharing! »

Turner and Townsend Schweiz GmbH

« Planting trees with Almighty Tree has been overall an amazing and rewarding experience.

Being in the woods allowed our team to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature.

It was also the perfect team building activity as we got to know our colleagues outside the workspace environment while learning about deforestation and the consequences of climate change in Switzerland.»

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Centre ASSAL

« The employees of the ASSAL Centre had the pleasure of taking part in a day of tree planting in the forest of Collex-Bossy. It was a great experience of sharing and learning, as well as the pleasure of meeting as a team in an unusual place. A big thank you to the Almigthy Tree team for this organisation! »


Cornland Studio Sàrl

« Our company is working to reduce our carbon footprint and help regenerate forests, and working with Almighty Tree allows us to make this happen.

We are proud to be planting trees with them and to see the positive results of this collaboration on the environment. We are convinced that this collaboration contributes to a greener and more sustainable future for all.»

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